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- The Headcovering -
A WHOLE Bible Approach

by Tom Chapin

Tape 1 - How We Use the Old Testament (mp3)
Tape 2 - How Culture Influences Biblical Interpretation (mp3)
Tape 3 - Theology of Authority, Modesty, and Clothing (mp3)
Tape 4 - Old Testament Testimony (mp3)
Tape 5 - What is a Headcovering? (mp3)
Tape 6 - When is it to be Worn? (mp3)
Tape 7 - I Corinth ians 11:4-10 (mp3)
Tape 8 - I Corinthians 11:11-15 (mp3)
Tape 9 - I Corinthians 11:16 And Answers to the Cultural Argument (mp3)
Tape 10 - Final Questions and Comments (mp3)

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