This section will deal with direct quotations of both critics and supporters of the work I've done:

1) From THE ARK, A REALITY? by Richard C. Bright, p. 25.

"CONCLUSION: It is my opinion the boat shaped object near Tendurek is not Noah's Ark..."

COMMENTS: Richard's book is an excellent account of the Ark searches, past and present. While he doesn't agree that this is the Ark, he presents an informative and detailed account of his participation with Jim Irwin in his expeditions.

2) From THE ARARAT REPORT, Bill Crouse, Editor, May-June 1988, "Ron Wyatt: Are His Claims Bona Fide?" pp7&9.

"So, should Christians celebrate what could be the most monumental archaeological discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls? Again, from our perspective, we think it would be very premature to do so. As we have briefly pointed out, we have yet to see ANY evidence that would be definitive.

To us, it seems incredible that Ron could have found and solved problems that have baffled professional archaeologists for more than a century. We think Ron missed his calling. He could be a "can't lose" writer for episodes of "Indiana Jones" movies.

As a Christian I can't think of anything that would be more exciting than to learn of the discovery of Noah's Ark. And, if Ron turns out to be right, you'd better believe we'll be among the first to apologize for doubting his claims."

3) From THE ARK OF NOAH, by David Fasold, p. 23 and 24.

"I broke open the frequency generator and Samran came alongside me, robes flowing white on white against the snow.. I'd forgotten my glasses as well as my lunch, and the numbers focused slowly as I dialed in the number for iron.

'Ron, you are crossing longitudinal walls, or floor beams that contain decomposed iron fittings, maybe nails, or brackets of some kind.' My voice was raising higher in excitement. They are so evenly spaced I could measure the distance between them. What do you think they are, Ron?' I said, moving in for a close-up to catch the emotion of the moment.

Ron just stood there, grinning from ear to ear. 'I don't know, maybe rows of cages...' he started to say.

'Come on, Ron, do you think you're on Noah's Ark?'

'Hey, fella,' he broke into a sigh of relief, 'I always said this was Noah's Ark!'

I turned to find the mayor of the village with the question still on his face. 'Evet (yes), Nuh'un Gemisi,' I shouted in joy, and his eyes broke into a smile of tears."

COMMENT: David called me in 1985 after Jim Irwin had referred him to me. He's called Jim and told him of his belief that the Ark couldn't be on Mt. Ararat and asked Jim about the possibility of his doing radar scans at the foot of the mountain. I must credit David with introducing the electronic equipment which allowed us to "see" the inside structural remains. David also accompanied me to Saudi Arabia right after the trip referred to in the above quote, when I was invited to return at royal request, and show the Saudi archaeologists the site of the real Mt. Sinai.

4) From THE INSTITUTE OF JUDAIC-CHRISTIAN RESEARCH, INC. RESEARCH LETTER, Vendyl Jones Ministries, November 1987, p. 1, and September 1988, p. 1

"The search is over--Successfully over! Noah's Ark has been found over 6,000 feet above sea level, seventeen miles southeast of Mt. Ararat. In 1985, Ark-eologist, David Fasold, filed his report with the government of Turkey. The Turkish government closed the area off with the army while their own archaeologists made an investigation of David FasoId's report.

I will refrain from giving the almost unbelievable details of David Fasold's find. I think he should do that since he is the one who found Noah's Ark.

David's find is in complete agreement with the Bible and other historic sources. Dr. M. Salih Bayraktutan, Turkish geologist, says the boat shaped object is not natural in situ but is an anomaly to the surrounding geological environment. My impression and opinion is that it is the fossil of Noah's Ark. Salih also stated: 'Mt. Big Ararat was volcanic and if the Ark landed there it would be under four to five thousand feet of lava. Furthermore, the hydrodynamics of a cone shape volcanic mountain would push the Ark away from it.'"

COMMENT: Mr. Jones gives David Fasold credit for the discovery.

5) From "THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL MAGAZINE", "Raiders of Noah's Ark" by Kit Carlson, October 1988, p. 10.

"A team of West German and Turkish mountain climbers tackle these questions along with Ararat's slippery slopes in THE SECRET OF MT. ARARAT, premiering this month on the Discovery Channel. Although the team's primary focus is to reach the peak of this treacherous mountain, along the way they explore some of the claims that have been made by other ark-seekers.

The most compelling claim they find is one made by Ron Wyatt, a 55-year-old Nashville anesthetist Since 1977, Wyatt has been examining a huge, boat shaped earth formation located on a plateau 15 kilometers below the mountain's peak. He is convinced he has found Noah's Ark."

6) Quotation by DR. NATHAN MEYER, President of the Bible Prophecy Association who travelled with me to see Noah's Ark in June of 1988.

"I've been involved in the search for Noah's Ark ever since 1970 (with the Search Foundation). At that time I thought, as did a lot of others, that the Ark was high on the icy slopes of Big Ararat.

But after visiting this site with Ron in the summer of '88, I was compelled to change my mind. Even though we don't have the absolute proof as yet, the evidences he presented are rather overwhelming and difficult to refute. I must say it looks like this is the real thing."

7) From THE NASHVILLE BANNER, "Turkish Team Believes Find is Noah's Ark" by Clarke Canfield, Dec. 1986.

"A Turkish research team has concurred with a Madison explorer's claim that the remains of Noah's Ark are buried on a barren mountainside in eastern Turkey.

Two government officials, one at the Turkish consulate in New York and another in Ankara, the Turkish capital, said top government officials will meet this month to discuss what steps to take to document and preserve what the research team says is a priceless discovery.

'The Department of Ministry and Tourism has been ready to make the area a national park and declare it is Noah's Ark, based on the evidence presented by various researchers,' Turkish Tourism Consul Kamil Muren said from New York.

'No official confirmation has been forwarded to me yet,' he said. 'But in the Holy Book and the Koran, it is mentioned that Noah's Ark is located in that area.'

'Nobody has any doubts about it (being Noah's Ark) '. Government officials in Turkey are hesitant to talk publicly about the research team's report, but will meet December 12th in Ankara to decide what to do with it, according to Mine Uneler, a Turkish Government liaison and interpreter.

Ms. UneIer, who works for the Ministry of the Interior and served as an interpreter and liaison between Wyatt and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Ankara, said the government has concluded the object is indeed Noah's Ark.

'Our government exactly agrees with Mr. Wyatt,' said Ms. Uneler, adding the December 12th conference will include officials from the departments of foreign affairs and internal affairs and researchers from Ataturk University.

Wyatt has made numerous journeys to Turkey with scientists, explorers, and others, including Irwin, over the years studying the various sites in search of the elusive Ark.

He said in 1977 he found the Ark but nobody believed him. But by the summer of 1985, he had apparently convinced others of the validity of that site.

It was then that the Turkish government closed off the area to the public to conduct its own studies of the area.

John Baumgardner, a geophysicist from the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, has made several trips to Turkey in recent years and is convinced the Ark is where Wyatt says it is.

Baumgardner said that when the Turkish government closed off the area in 1985, he asked an official with the Office of Foreign Affairs why they were restricting the area.

'He said it was because of the potential of this being a very important archaeological site,' Baumgardner said.

He said he had also been informed about the research team's report.

'The report says these researchers believe these are the remains of Noah's Ark and recommend that the, area be turned into a national park,' Baumgardner said.

In October, a Turkish newspaper published what the researchers' report said about the Ark and printed the headline "Nuh'un Gemisi burada" (Noah's Ark is here) with a picture of the site below it."

8) Written quotation by GREG BREWER, noted prophecy writer and lecturer, July 11, 1989

"I am like so many others who, upon hearing this incredible news, was a bit skeptical. I have examined all the evidence, and I am fully convinced this is the Ark of Noah. It is my opinion that each man has a gift which God has given to him to use for the glory of God; in Ron's case it is in archaeology.

I am not a scientist so I will not comment on the technical aspects of the find. I can comment on the man, Ron Wyatt. I see true Christianity at work here with an obsession for honesty in all his affairs and to be led by prayer and the Spirit. I know my Bible pretty well, and there is no subject of which Ron is not familiar with. This shows me there have been many deep hours of study and prayer to get this kind of Bible knowledge. It is his desire to see many souls won to Christ as a result of proving by archaeology the Bible account of the past is a true one. It is my unchangeable belief that Ron's work is a gift of God's mercy to this last doubting generation who seeks a sign."

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